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 Terms and Conditions of Use The following restrictions Assignmentserve Providing essay writing, research work and any academic writing To the service user, without giving the power or consent to the service user to copy or reproduce All job content or commercial work content. Assignmentserve focuses on the content quality policy. If the user (Hereinafter referred to as “customers”) to purchase any essay, research or academic writing from the company (hereinafter referred to as “Assignmentserve”) means the customer has read and understood The following terms and conditions of use and are willing to agree with These terms and conditions of use of the service, if the customer does not agree with Terms and conditions of use of any service, customers should refrain from using any service Provided by Assignmentserve. For more information Please contact assignmentserve@gmail.com

 1. Service (Hereinafter referred to collectively as “Jobs”) 

Writing essay, research report and any academic writing: Essay, research and any academic writing will be conducted by a freelance writer under the terms and conditions of the transfer of all rights and ownership in a service relationship with Assignmentserve. Assistance in writing of any academic writing: Academic writing assistant Any Is a freelance writer under the terms and conditions of the transfer of all rights and ownership in a service relationship with Assignmentserve Job Editing and Proofreading: Job Editing and Proofreading Providing Services to Customers Will be conducted by a freelance writer under the terms and conditions of the transfer of all rights and ownership in a service relationship with Assignmentserve By editing and giving suggestions regarding the content of the documents On the correctness of grammar and references, including the correct use of English

2. Privacy

In any work order Assignmentserve Will not bring various information Received from customers, such as name, education level, educational material, e-mail, telephone number, LINE ID and details of the event, to be distributed or passed on to any third parties in all cases, except with written consent From customers first only

 3. Payment

Assignmentserve Payment is accepted by the following methods:

(1) Transfer money into Thai bank account
(2) PayPal

Billing To be at the discretion of the work fee appraiser which may be considered from the difficulty-easy factor of the content of the work as the main. And will charge a work fee to confirm the order immediately. However, the customer must pay a deposit of 50% or the full amount of the work fee after the order, which the team will start working after the deposit has been paid only. By Assignmentsserve will check the completeness of the content, language, as well as check for plagiarism after that, the Assignmentsserve will send the full work to the customer immediately after completion or on the date of delivery which if the customer does not pay the full amount. The customer must pay another 50% of the remaining balance first. 

4. Guarantee of work without plagiarism

Before the work is delivered to the customer. Assignmentserve will perform a scan of the completed job to check and search for plagiarism If it is detected that the work has been copied Assignmentserve will take corrective actions, however, the writing standard and the similarities in the sequence that can be considered as plagiarism. And will be exempt from checking the plagiarism. In the event that it is found that the work has only a small copy of the work or found to be a result of a software error Assignmentserve does not guarantee copying work. In using the service means the customer agrees that the decision of Assignmentserve about plagiarism is final

 5. References

In any work order the customer accepts the conditions in which the work has been performed or modified by Assignmentserve comes from a variety of references, both free and paid. These references will be consistent with the rules of the institution. The customer will be responsible for any additional of work arising from the actions of the client himself

 6. Assurance of points received from work orders

In any work order Assignmentserve will not guarantee the points that will be received from the work ordered. To get high quality work. Customers must submit as many job details as possible. Which the details of said work may cover the characteristics and the attitude of the work instructor. Any work that has been ordered. Considered to help develop the ability of customers, which means the ability of students. In the study of the content taught in various lessons. Once the work has been received if any errors or points need to be resolved Customers should give feedback. Or opinion on the job to increase work efficiency especially providing appropriate information and be involved in pointing errors in the writing process, which is better than just grading

 7. Communication

Customers can contact Assignmentserve can be obtained via LINE and Email only for the most benefit of operations. Assignmentserve do not order work, Get job details, Give details of the method of operation Or assess the cost of the phone in all cases because of the call with only one recipient. Causing the need to explain all the details as received. Writer or operator. One more time may therefore cause discrepancies in the interpretation of the information according to the understanding or views of the audience who is not a writer or operator. The customer prints clearly the work order or gives details In writing, therefore more beneficial to the operation


Work Order Protection Policy                                                                                 

 1. Assignmentserve able to refund service fees to customers In the following cases only

– No work is delivered at all.

– The work has been delivered. But there is an unreasonable delay

– The work has been delivered. But the job content is incomplete

 2. In the event that the work has been delivered to the customer But there is a delay or the work has been delivered to the customer But the job is not complete Or similar cases Assignmentserve need to be charged according to the amount of work that has been carried out and will refund the service fee only for the amount of the service fee that has not been operational yet.

 3. Assignmentserve as a medium for receiving work orders from clients to forward to writers. Assignmentserve pay 50% of the work fee to writers as soon as payment is made from clients. And pay the rest after the work is delivered By deducting 20% ​​work fee as coordination fee Which, if there are any errors or delays in delivering the work Assignmentserve will proceed to contact the writer to refund the said paid work. This may take 7 – 30 days, but in some cases it is not possible to contact the writer within 60 days, Assignmentserve will return the work fee to the client as soon as possible afterwards.

 4. Consideration of service fee refund shall be at the discretion of the service valuer

5. Assignmentserve we reserve the right to refund service fees. To work late than scheduled In the event that the Similarity Rate is improved before delivering the work to the customer as it is necessary for the author to edit the work content until the similarity rate is appropriate. In this case, the coordinator will notify the customer and customers will have to wait for the delivery of the work after the similarity rate has been improved.

 6. Assignmentserve we reserve the right to refund service fees. If found on the day of work delivery. The client does not check the job due to negligence. Or from some defects such as Assignmentserve affected by power failure or lack of internet access, which Assignmentserve reserves the right to notify these customers of any defects. Assignmentserve will not be responsible for technical problems and delivery delays caused by issues with electronic mail servers or internet service providers.

 7. Assignmentserve we reserve the right to use any data source. As customer specified unless the writer points out that the data source specified in the work order is insufficient for the operation if the writer is unable to find any information sources that is necessary for a specific operation. The customer must also provide information to the writer. If the customer is unable to find the necessary information source it may lead to delays in processing work orders and customers will have to accept this event.



 Assignmentserve in any job orders and have paid the operating service fee to Assignmentserve. The customer fully agrees with the conditions specified in the following disclaimer.

 1. Customers agree that different types of writings Written by the team Assignmentserve is intended to be used for individual research. For reference or education written by the team. Assignmentserve is the only reference source for clients that can be used in future research, and Assignmentserve can assist customers during the clients writing process. Different types of writings. Written by the team Assignmentserve is not intended to be used as a substitute for actual work to send teachers. Assignmentserve does not support any plagiarism. And does not participate in any plagiarism

 2. Assignmentserve will not take any responsibility In the event that the customer provides incorrect contact details incorrect phone or email numbers can lead to difficulty in communicating work orders. In such cases, the author is not responsible for any content

 3. Assignmentserve reserves the right to cancel the work order at the discretion, even if the customer has already paid the work fee If this happens, customers will be notified by email shortly and will receive a full refund. And will not deliver any work In the event of a refund

 4. Assignmentserve team will operate according to the work order information provided by the customer only if the written work does not comply with the specified work order details. The writer will make edits within 7 days after the client has received the work. In the event that the client does not provide details of the work order needed from the beginning. The company will resolve the issue with additional service fees.

 5. Assignmentserve we reserve the right to amend, change or cancel, whether temporarily or permanently. Website or information. Or any part regardless of whether or not notified in advance. Assignmentserve may make changes to website updates or information. Or terms and conditions for using the service Available at any time without notice Assignmentserve without any obligation to update websites or information